Episode 17 - Put it together and what have you got? Music Compilations!

Before Pandora and Spotify, we had Now and Kidz Bop to bring together all our fav top 40 tunes. Learn all about the music compilations that kept us going and ponder their relevance today in this week’s episode of PCSS. Explore life’s deep questions like - who gets the residual payments on compilation CDs? Is it okay to sterilize music for the kids? What number of Now are we on and holy shit is it still a thing?! Don’t worry y’all. We got you!

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Episode 16 - Mainstream Moral Lessons

Get your fill of morals and silly songs - that's right, Becca and Tessa are dishing on VeggieTales. The animated show starring a cucumber and tomato with no arms or legs, but a lot of heart. The ladies discuss their fav "Silly Songs with Larry" and also get a lil' deep about the privilege of the Christian faith and the power of empathy. Buckle up, kids - it's gonna be a vulnerable ride!

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Episode 15 - What are you supposed to be? Halloween Costumes!

What do floor tiles, 2008 Obama supporters, and Lisa Frank all have in common? Becca and Tessa have dressed as them all for Halloween! Get the scoop on their major hits and misses as you plan for your night of trick-or-treating. Not sure what to wear? Look no further! The ladies of PCSS got you covered with all the felt tricks you never knew (or maybe did) that will turn your last minute idea into a showstopper!

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Molly Pattison
Episode 14 - I’ll Take Game Shows for 300, Alex

No whammy, big money! Tessa and Becca are breaking down game shows - from the tax burden, to how we know we could play them better than the contestants, and how maybe they are a little like MLMs (look it up). Listen and play along!

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Episode 13 - (Not so) Spooky Scary: Halloweentown & Hocus Pocus

Bust out your brooms, Clark bars, and witches brew! It’s time to spill the tea on our favorite childhood Halloween flicks. Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown are here to get you into the spooky spirit of Halloween nostalgia.

Let’s be real - who can pass up a Bette Midler and Debbie Reynolds double feature?!

Help Tessa and Becca figure out what in the world happens in all the Halloweentown sequels or share your fav Hocus Pocus memory at popcultureshowpod@gmail.com.

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Episode 12 - It’s October 3rd...

In this episode, the ladies discuss a movie so quotable, it made *fetch* happen. That's right - Mean Girls! Special guest Peter Carter shares how Mean Girls influenced his career and the film's lasting impact. Just a taste: YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US! Boo, you whore. Four for you Glen Coco, You GO Glen Coco! I'm not a regular mom - I'm a cool mom!

Share your fave Mean Girls quotes with us at popcultureshowpod@gmail.com or slide in our DMs on Insta @popcultureshowpod or Twitter @pcss_pod & give us them stars!

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Episode 11 - Required Viewing: When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally is a fall film favorite and romantic comedy classic that inspired the sitcoms and romcoms you love to ask the question - "can men and women really be just friends?" Becca and Tessa discuss their own trials and tribulations with the opposite sex and why this movie is required viewing.  

Molly Pattison
Episode 10 - F is for...

Fall! Pumpkin spice and everything nice, the best season of all has returned! Football fans and basic b*tches everywhere rejoice. Your Han Solo swagger and seasonal addictions may commence. 

But for all of you haters out there don’t get it twisted! Fall is so much more than a well-marketed beverage campaign. It’s all about those new beginnings! Slide in those headphones and get ready to fall for Fall! 

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Episode 9 - Nostalgia: Early 2000s Fads

In this episode, Tessa and Becca dive deep into nostalgic waters to discuss early 2000's fads. The conversation weaves its way through toys we loved, movies we still quote, styles we regret, and a never-ending love for boy bands. 

Do you feel nostalgic for a time nearby and yet so far? Shoot us an email at popcultureshowpod@gmail.com and let us know what's pulling at your memory strings!   Check us on Instagram @popcultureshowpod or Twitter @pcsspod. If you hate us, don't rate us - but if you enjoyed what you heard, drop us a review!

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